Saturday, March 19, 2016

CCTVs to be set up at SSC centres

CCTV camera 
The director of school education, who held a video conference with all the district education officials instructed to them to set up CCTV cameras at ‘self- examination’ centers for SSC examinations to avoid any malpractice.

The director had earlier issued instructions to install CCTV cameras at all the examination centres, but withdrew this suggestion after opposition from the parents and teachers’ unions.

The officials opined that there was every possibility of teaching staff encouraging malpractice at their own centres to ensure that their school children got good marks as there was no jumbling system.

Teaching staff can easily encourage in mass copying in the examinations as only students of the same school write examinations at that centre. And there are several government schools holding the examinations at their own centres in Karimnagar, Warangal, Nalgonda and Mahaboobnagar districts but none in Adilabad.          

What will pose a problem for students appearing examinations from March 21 is the shortage of drinking water in the district since the last one month.

Efforts are being made to provide purified water to the students at examination centres, and the district education department is in the process of identifying the lack of basic amenities like drinking water facility, toilets, fans and benches in the 204 schools selected as examination centre for SSC examinations.

A total 43,291 students- 19,043 girls and boys 18,396 - were appearing the examinations for the first time while there were 5,852 reappearing for the examinations, having failed in it last year.

Efforts are being made to improve the SSC pass percentage as district stood was ranked last in the state last year. Special classes are also being held in schools and hostels.

The director of school education instructed has instructed to the education department to ensure that benches be provided for the students to write on instead    of sitting on the floor.

The district medical and health department will set a medical camp at examination centres to give primary treatment if any students due to suns stroke or any other problem. The revenue department will provide drinking water facility at all the examination centers.