Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Adilabad to get water for 2 L-acre

 TRS leaders celebrating at Thummidihetti
Adilabad district will get water under four barrages proposed on the rivers Pranahitha and Penganga to irrigate 2.25 lakh acres with an agreement reached by both Telangana and Maharashtra governments.

It is estimated that Adilabad district would get total 163.70 TMC water from four barrages.

According to sources, 160 TMC water under Pranahitha- Chevella project (barrage) to be constructed at Thummidihetti will give water to irrigate 2 lakh acres in Sirpur (T), Bellampaalli, Chennur and Asifabad Assembly constituencies in the east part of the Adilabad district.

While 1.50 TMC water under Chanaka – Korata barrage to irrigate 13,500 acres and 0.70 TMC water under Rajapet barrage to irrigate 2,500 acres and 1.50 TMC under Pimparaad barrage to irrigate 4,500 aces.

Chanaka – Korata barrage will be constructed on river Penganga between the Korata village in Jainad mandal of Adilabad and Chanaka of Maharashtra.

It is said that additional ayacut of 37,000 acre will be developed later under the Chanaka- Korata project by creating new canals.

Rajapet barrage will come up near Gubidi village in Tamsi mandal of Adilabad district and will irrigate the lands only in Tamsi mandal while Pimparaad barrage only in Bela mandal.

Minister for forest and environment Jogu Ramanna said, the people of the district will get water to 2 lakh acres as per the new design and estimations under Pranahitha – Chevella barrage to be constructed at Thummidihetti against the proposed 56,000 acre ayacut in the united Andhra Pradesh.