Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The return of 'Ragi Chembu' (copper pot)

Health conscious people are returning to the traditional practicing of drinking water from copper vessels – rather than plastic or steels- for their purificatory and curative value.

The elderly to this day drink water stored in the Ragi Chembu in villages, now those in urban areas are following the suit.

Padala Srinivas, who runs an electric shop in Adilabad town, said many people who were prone to health problems due to a stressful lifestyle were drinking water stored in a copper bottle.

The older generation has always set store by copper’s therapeutic value and how water drunk from a copper vessel could remedy problems, such as falling hair, joint pains and kidney stone.

Mr Srinivas pointed out that water tasted different when stored in a copper vessel. It should not be refrigerated as it cooled naturally in a copper utensil.
Prices of copper items ranging from Rs 450 to Rs 1,500 and people are making brisk purchases off e- commerce sites Amazon, Flipkart and eBay . copper water bottles are a major drwa ,with sales online having risen in the recent past.    
Elderly persons even today drink water stored in copper pot lota (Ragi Chembbu), ‘Ragi Mara Chembu’ and ‘Ragi Binde’ jug just after wakeup early in the morning in rural areas.