Sunday, March 13, 2016

Adilabad ranjans turn user-friendly

Adilabad ranjan with a tap 
With the changing times, the traditional Adilabad ranjans (cylindrical pots) are also undergoing a change to meet the needs of the people. Adilabad ranjans with taps are popular this summer and are being sold each for Rs 150.

Pot makers of Adilabad have brought in some changes in their traditional ranjans by fixing taps for the convenience of the users. Adilabad ranjans with taps are being sold like hot cakes as temperatures are soaring.

The ranjans with taps are convenient to even children to tap the water unlike traditional ranjans. Jugs or glasses used to fetch water from traditional ranjans.

Adilabad ranjans had brand value due to their cooling power when compared to other ranjans manufactured in other places. Taking the advantage of their brand image, others too tag Adilabad ranjan to their manufactured ranjans.

Adilabad ranjans had unique with the use of special ingredients like soft black soil, hoarse dung in manufacturing.

It is common that RTC drivers and conductors who come to Adilabad town as part of their duty take Adilabad ranjans to their native places and most of the times on the requests of relatives and friends.

Kummari thanda and Lakkaram villages in Utnoor mandal is also famous for manufacturing ranjans in the district.

Traditional pot makers settled in Kolipura, Kummariwada colonies in Adilabad town still make pots, diyas (earthen lamps), ranjans, Garba pots and marriage related kuradu kundalu (pots).       

However, the number of persons in traditional pot making is getting decreased every year as the new generations taking up new jobs and imparting education to their children instead depending on their traditional occupation pot making.

Kannaram Ramulu of Kumarpet colony in Adilabad town said that there was good demand for ranjans with taps when compared to traditional ranjans without tap and added that thy too adopted new methods to meet the new demands and sustain in the market.  

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