Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hot conditions confine Maoists to district borders

Dry deciduous forests at Kerameri ghats in summer  
The prevailing dry and hot conditions have confined the Maoists to the district borders shared with the Maharashtra.

It is said that taking shelter and surviving in the dry deciduous forests of Adilabad is tough for them as summer is the time when the trees drop their leaves, and absence of foliage enhances their visibility over long distances.

Along with this, drinking water sources in the forests have also dried. A strong informants’ system is also at work in the interior areas of the district.

The Maoists said to be therefore taking shelter at the district’s borders or retreated into Chattisgarh which is considered to be safe haven.

The police, meanwhile, intensified combing operations along the river Pranahitha to prevent the Maoists from entering into district crossing over.

Drinking water sources dried up in the forests which were main water source for the Maoists while moving in the deep forests. District police officers are closely monitoring the movements of the Maoists and their sympathizers in the wake of summer.

Recently, police had conducted free medical camp in the interior Maoists affected grampanchayat Mangi in Tiryani mandal.

The police move was also intended to send a strong message to the Maoists that they had penetrated into what was once strongholds and were getting the support of the local Adivasis.    

Police suspects that even today, some Adivasis of the interior areas in Tiryani mandal extending support to the Maoists to carry out their activities.

At the same time, police have also improved their informant network from the same villages to trace out the Maoist’s movements.

A senior police officer said, “Summer is tough time for Maoists every year, but this summer has added to their problems in terms of drinking water and taking shelter in the jungles”.

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