Thursday, March 3, 2016

Electricians in demand as summer sets in

The heat of summer- and depleted ground water tables- have given the electrician's  trade much revived scope, what with the people desperate to get their electrical appliances, such as agriculture motors, ceiling fans, bore well motors, pump sets and coolers, in good working condition.  

With temperatures already soaring in Adilabad district, people are preparing to arm themselves suitably with cooling devices that function properly.

Electricians, in turn, are taking undue advantage of the situation by charging exorbitant rates for repair even as people from surrounding areas and villages queue up in front of the electrical and electronics stores with goods needing attention.

Tirumala Electrical and Electronics shop owner P. Santosh said that many people were bringing in damaged electronic items for repair and that he could hardly finish repairing three agriculture motors or pump sets.

There is also good demand for low cost new coolers being sold locally as middle class people prefer them against the branded ones.