Friday, March 11, 2016

Personality tests for cops

 Police undergoing personality  development training
The Dalit woman’s gangrape in Karimnagar and alleged negligence of police in the incident has subjected the police of other districts to a ‘personality test’.

Adilabad police conducted two – day personality development training programme to the SI, Inspectors and police constables to make them women- friendly in the wake of Karimnagar incident. This is a first time initiative by district police.

The top police officials stressed upon the need for police to change their personality or attitude while dealing with victims when they approached them.

SP Dr Tarun Joshi said the personality development training programme was aimed to bringing positive changes in the attitude and behavior of the police towards the victims and complainants especially women and girls. He added that there was a crying need for police to change their attitude along with their working style.

He said he too found some complexity in the personality of some police personnel when he interacted with them during his inspections to the police stations in the district.

He hoped that the personality development programme will be helpful in handing complainants with restraint and tact. He said everyone should respect the women and they were giving top priority to the safety and security of the women.  

Personality development trainer Gampa Nageshwar Rao of Hyderabad said that many changes takes place in the lifestyle of the police and problems faced by the police will have their impact on their attitude while dealing with public. They have to be physically and mentally fit.

Additional SP G. R Radhika said that women should lodge their complaints without fear and added that they should be careful trusting any one.