Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New barrages to prevent floods

River Penganga is flowing high 
The proposed four irrigation barrages planned on river Penganga and Pranahitha will not only improve the Agriculture ayacut in the district but also prevent the seasonal floods take place especially in Adilabad and Sirpur (T) Assembly constituencies in the district.

The flood affected mandals will get most benefit with the four barrages. Recently, Maharashtra and Telangana governments had signed on MOU on these barrages.    

The Tamsi, Jainad and Bela mandals, were most flood affected due to overflowing of river Penganga in Adilabad constituency while Sirpur(T), Bejjur, Kautala were most affected in Sirpur(T) due to river Pranahitha in Sirpur (T) Assembly constituency in the Adilabad district.

During the floods, road connectivity gets affected in these mandals and hundreds of houses and agriculture fields with standing crops were inundated in the flood water causing much damage to crops and loss to the farmers.

There were incidents where the team of national disaster response teams swung into the action to save the lives of the people in the flood affected areas in the recent years in district. 

People of the these mandals are hopeful of these proposed barrages will prevent the floods in the future and cheers to the people of the same areas with water to irrigate their lands.

It is estimated that, Pranahitha- Chevella barrage to be constructed on river Pranahitha will give water to nearly 2 lakh acres in Sirpur(T), Asifabad and Bellamaplli Assembly constituencies while three other barrages to be constructed on river Penganga will irrigate 25,000 acres in the flood affected mandals in Adilabad Assembly constituency.

Alke Ashok of Anthergoan village in Tamsi mandal said that ‘Rajapet and Korata and Chanaka barrages will certainly prevent floods and irrigate their barren lands’.

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