Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cops get training in anti- terror op

The Adilabad police have learnt some self- defense tactics after terrorists attacked Nalgonda police when they were patrolling last year in which one police personnel was killed.

Adilabad police feel that need of the hour is self-defense following the increase in incidents of undertrials trying to escape by attacking the police escort while taking them to the courts and jail and also anti-social elements attacking police during patrolling, vehicle checking, house search and bandobast these days at various places including Hyderabad in the state.

Few police had lost their lives in such attacks that were took place in the recent past. Adilabad police is undergoing training in ‘Jukado’, a self defense martial arts for their self- defense from the anti –social elements’.

Adilabad SP Dr Tarun Joshi said that ‘district police is trained in self-defense skills in the wake of the Nalgonda incident and added that self defense has become important for police and it was proved in many incidents that took place recently in the state”.

“Self defense skills are very useful for the police discharge duties such as patrolling, vehicle checking, bando bast and escort and police having fitness is must now”, he said.      

Jukado self- defense trainers Master Farzon Marchant and N. Shravan Kumar trained police constables and officers on how they can defend themselves from the sudden attacks by unknown persons from different angles while discharging their duties with using dummy knife, pistol, AK 47 and stick.

Marchant imparted some defense skills to the police on escaping from attacks by using common sense though a person is physically not so strong.

A special Jukado training will be given for women constables on the International Women Day on March 8 in the Adilabad. It is said that even general women can also participate in that special training planed on the special occasion.

Police officials believe that carrying a weapon every time is not possible for police especially when discharging duties in public places that is where self- defense comes in handy to tackle the situation while protecting themselves.

Moreover, police department wants to keep the weapons away to move close to the people under people friendly policing.

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