Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wooden poles pose threat to farmers

 Wooden poles set up at Madhapur in Neredigonda  
The wooden poles erected in place of cement electric poles are posing life threat to the life of farmers in some villages in Adilabab district.

The villagers have erected these poles as the Transco officials have failed to provide cement poles in these villages to enable supply of power to their fields. 

Wooden poles to facilitate power supply can be seen in many villages of Boath Assembly constituency. Madhapur in Wagdhari gram panchayat is one among the villages.

One of the village elders , Pendore Dharmanna, said, ‘ The Transco officials of Neredigonda have failed to supply two cement electric poles to our village to provide power supply to the Agriculture motors even after repeated appeals for the last four years. 

‘The wires hang precariously over our heads and we can’t avoid incidents of electrocution when the wires get lose’, he said. Then we alert everyone in the village be  careful while going to their fields as coming in contact with the wires can prove fatal, he added.

During the last four years, there were many incidents of electrocution taking place in the villages when farmers switched on the motors in the night time to provide water to their crops or on coming in contact with the live wires having over their heads or when the wooden pole fell on the ground. 

The wooden poles easily lose their base, unlike the cement poles. The incidents of death due to electrocution, both of human and cattle, were reported from these interior villages in the past.    

The farmers of these villages are appealing to the Transco officials to address their problem as summer is fast approaching and there are chances of the wires getting lose more often.  

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