Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Singareni encourage Mini-Medaram Jataras

Mini -Medaram developed at Ramakrishnapur in Adilabad 
Singareni has been encouraging mini- Medaram jataras at local level in coal belt areas for the last 20 years in the north Telangana to prevent its workers from going to medaram jatara in Warangal to in order to achieve their coal production.

The concept of mini- Medarams were introduced by the management of SCCL following the drastic fall in the coal production in Singareni during Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Jatara in the past as thousands of workers from coal belt areas go to Warangal for more days to fulfill their vows (mokkulu) to Sammakka Sarakka. People who could not go to Warangal can offer their vows at mini- Medarams locally.  

Writer Lingala Rajasammaiah of Bellampalli town who wrote a book on ‘Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Kathanjali’ said, ‘a group of families in their colony used to go to Medaram in bullocks carts through thick forests and sometimes braving  roaming of tigers and panthers enroute to Medaram in early 1980s’ .

Earlier the Medara Jatara used to be held for once in five years and later reduced to three years and now once in two years.

People used to name their children after Sammakka Sarakka and even today the practice is prevalent in the coal belt area.   

Sammaiah said, 'Sammakka and Sarakka are their house goddesses for thousands of devotees especially from lower communities and they worship the Adivasi goddesses'.

Singareni management has constructed Sammakka and Sarakka Gaddelu at various places in the coal belt area including Srirampur RK-1 area, Goleti, on the banks of river Godavari in Macherial and also on the other side of Godavari in Godavarikhani in Karimnagar.

Retired Singareni worker Kola Narsaiah of Madaram town ship in Adilabad district said, ‘the health department used to give injections to devotees going to Medaram in Warangal to protect devotees from getting affected with diarrhea and other diseases at biggest congregation.

Singareni has started providing basic amenities at mini- medarams after constructing the Gaddelu of Goddesses to attract the devotees and created an artificial location look like Medaram of Warangal.

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