Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kuntala waterfall runs dry so early

The dried up Kuntala waterfall 
The Kuntala waterfall has run dry- and with it, the enthusiasm of the tourists who have been thronging there in large numbers only to turn away disappointed.

Most of the devotees who visited Basar temple on the occasion of Vasantha Panchami are also visiting Kuntala waterfall but returned with disappointment.

Sama Shiva of Vijayawada was one of them, who said that it would be have been helpful if the Tourism department had put out an advisory or notice, informing the people accordingly as locals at Basar had misinformed him, other tourists too felt that there was a need for signboards, carrying full details about the waterfall, the best time to visit and warnings against going into the deep or onto slippery spots.

“But it has dried earlier than usual this year due to successive drought conditions” which was generally goes dry by April ending, said Sharada , manager of a hotel near the waterfall . 

She surmised that this was why tourists from districts from the district were staying away while those from other states had been coming expectantly.
The streams and rivulets which flow into Kuntala waterfall have dried perhaps due to high temperatures, say locals, the water usually disappearing by the end of  April.  

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