Monday, February 8, 2016

Adivasis irked over media and police enthusiasm

Mesram Gond Adivasis had a disappointment with the ‘over enthusiasm’ shown by the Media persons and police during the special puja performed to the serpentine god Nagoba at the temple at midnight on Sunday.     

The Adivasis expressed their displeasure over the way the police were acting and media people covering the event and objected to police officials vacating the some of the Mesram Adivasi men sitting in premises of main Nagoba temple during traditional puja.

Media persons were jostling for the coverage of the event. Adivasis felt uncomfortable with the huge presence of police men in the main premises of temple in the name of security to the SP Dr Tarun Joshi and Collector Jagan Mohan, ITDA project officer R.V Karnan. The police blocked the Adivasis to have a look at their traditional puja.

Even, some of the Mesram Gond elders asked the media persons not to cover the event if they had no respect to their traditions and customs.

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