Monday, February 29, 2016

Digital bills for liquor regulars

Liquor regulars will get barcode liquor and computer generated bills for their liquor purchases from April1in the state.

State government came out with ‘Barcode’ liquor sales to control the sale of spurious liquor and also selling objectionable liquor at bar and wine shops.

The barcode liquor bottles at bars and wines and also sale of liquor at liquor depots will be computerized and correlated with the sales at liquor depots, wine shops and bars.

The excise department is conducting meetings with wine and bar shop license holders in all the districts and appealing them to sale barcode liquor and issue computer generated bills to the customers from April1 in the state.

Already the bar code system as far as liquor sale is concerned is being implemented at liquor depots and with this official liquor sales are computerized in the state.

Adilabad excise superintendent Anitha said, “ we have received instructions from the state government to ensure the sale of barcode liquor at Bars and wines to control the spurious liquor, mixing spurious liquor with the government supplied liquor and added that every liquor bottle will have bar code on it and that will be computerized”.

Liquor sales increased many folds following the incidents of excise and police departments started crackdown over manufacturing units of gudumba (illicit distilled liquor) and seizing the material used in manufacturing gudumba in the district.

Excise officials had conducted meetings with the license holders of wine and bar shops and also police to motivate them to extend their support in controlling the spurious liquor in the Telangana state.