Sunday, February 7, 2016

Giri Exp to connect Adivasi gudems

The Giri Express scheme, designed to improve connectivity to the interior Adivasi gudems with the mandal head quarters, will soon become operational.

It is being introduced by the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Utnoor and will benefit the Adivasi gudems in Tiryani , Adilabad, Sirpur (U), Bela, Kerameri, Jainoor, Kautala and Tamsi mandals in the district.

Some of these interior Adivasi gudems like Mangi in Tiryani mandal, have Maoists actively moving around them. Giri Express vehicles will be operated on routes where RTC buses do not ply and the roads are not good.

As part of scheme, vehicles will be given to the unemployed youth of primitive tribal groups and vehicles will be operated to the interior tribal areas where RTC bus services are not being operated. The scheme was aimed to improve transportation and also save the lives of the Adivasis in emergencies.

ITDA, Utnoor project officer R.V Karnan said they were introducing ‘Giri Express’ service on twenty routes in the interior areas in first phase and will be extended to other routes later.

The ITDA, which has acquired 20 Tata Magic autos at a cost of Rs 75 lakh, is providing them to unemployed youth passed SSC from primitive tribal groups Kolam, Thorti and Mannerwar, on zero interest bank loans under the scheme thorough the local Village Samakyas, ensuring that the beneficiary is able to pay Rs 3,000 towards  repayment of the loan. The ITDA authorities also train them in driving and help to get a driving license.

The scheme which is being implemented under ‘Adima Gramala Abhivruddi Pathakam’ was aimed also save the lives of Adivasis in emergencies and to transport them to nearest hospitals where ambulances and RTC buses can’t go.

Selected Adivasi youth were instructed to shift the people in need of emergency, medical treatment, such as pregnant, there by encourage institutional deliveries, said Karnan.

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