Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pochera,Ghanpur road to boost connectivity

Double road being laid between Pochera to Ghanpur 
The road- widening works and laying of a new double road at a cost of Rs 32 crore covering 16 km between Pochera crossroads to Ghanpur on the district borders in Boath Assembly constituency will improve connectivity between the bordering areas of Maharashtra and Adilabad of Telangana.

Heavy vehicles loaded with cement, iron and granite ply on this road to go to Nanded or Hyderabad to avoid checking and various taxes. It was a shortcut route to Nanded via Kinwat. These heavy vehicles caused damage to the road between Boath and Sonala.

Hundreds of devotees living on the border, including Marati and telugu speaking people of Adilabad district visit Mahur in Maharashtra to have darshan of goddess Renuka Devi and God Dattatreya at local temples there.

R. Srinivas of Kumari village said, “ There is already a road existing road via Sonala, Kauta to Kinwat and the new double road from Pochera to Ghanpur will certainly improve transportation between backward Kinwat taluk of Maharashtra and Boath Assembly constituency in Adilabad.

Then newly laid double road at a cost of Rs 10 crore between Boath cross road to Boath constituency head quarters enable the free flow of traffic.

Adilabad MP Gadam Nagesh said, “Getting sanctions for the road laying works of  inter- state road is big achievement for him as it was long pending one and was  sanctioned during my term as MP”.

“The road will improve the road connectivity in the area and the road will be operational in one- and- a- half years”.

He said this is the only road sanctioned to the Telangana under Central Road Fund (CRF) meant to improve the inter-state connectivity by the Central government though many roads were proposed.    

Road widening works are going on between Pochera crossroads to Ghanpur raising hopes among the local people about improving road connectivity. However, there is poor road connectivity to Kinwat and Mahur from the bordering village Ghanpur of Adilabad.

Earlier, two RTC buses from Hyderabad, Narayankhed used to go to Mahur via Nirmal- Boath – Kinwat but these bus services have been cancelled for since four years due to bad roads.

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