Monday, February 8, 2016

Unofficial power cuts starts as mercury rises

 The incomplete high voltage AC transmission towers 
Unofficial power cuts have begun in the Adilabad district with the rising temperatures. Power cuts are yet to be announced officially.

Transco officials say the power load has increased in the last 15 days with the use of fans, refrigerators and air conditioners as temperatures increased as summer fast approaching.

Refrigerators are switching off due to power cuts for long hours. People are equipping themselves with the inverters, power banks and charging lights to face the power cuts.

Transco officials are likely to announce power cuts officially for municipalities and towns soon. Managing director of Transco Venkat Narayana will review the status of the power supply and other issues at the Adilabad.

Transco officials say that they are tightening lose electric wires and were repairing break downs in some place in view of the summer.

On the other hand, new high voltage electric wires have been tightened between the electric towers being erected to supply power to the Telangana from bordering Chattisgarh.

Towers erection work is going on at various villages between Devulnaik Tanda in Ichoda mandal to Thoshan in Gudihathnoor mandal. The erection of each tower and tightening of wire takes a lot of time and requires more number of labor and equipments.

Transco officials say that the power cuts may be unavoidable this summer as power use is already increased due to high temperatures compared to last year.

This situation may force the people to take the help of the Air coolers and Air conditioners to keep their house cool and protect themselves from high temperatures.

People of the Adilabad town have been experiencing power cuts since February 6 and officials concerned are not in a position to defend themselves for the unofficial power cuts.

It is said that the situation may become severe as far as power cuts are concerned in the villages this summer if same situation continues.

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