Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gudumba brewing refuse to die down

 Gudumba is brewing 
Gudumba is brewing in the rural areas though the officials declared that the district Gudumba- free two months ago. Police are conducting raids and seized material used in manufacturing the Gudumba.

The incidents of gudumba brewing are being reported more from the east part of the district and that too along the river Pranahitha.

The train route is one of the reasons for gudumba brewing and its sales in the eastern part of the district. Guduma brewing incidents have been reported from Bellampalli and Kasipet, Kagaznagar areas recently. 

It is found that the Gudumba brewed in eastern part of the district is being smuggled to Maharashtra crossing the river Pranahitha and also bootleggers travelling in passenger trains.       

On the other hand, state government has failed to provide alternative employment as it promised to the families which quit the brewing Gudmuba and those families are struggling to meet both ends.
Arun Kumar, resident of coal belt area, said the brewing of the Gudumba has comedown drastically with the state government’s efforts but it has not die down. About 80 percent gudumba brewing is controlled.

It is surprise that, the Excise department is under impression that it successfully controlled the brewing gudumba while raids police department carried out raids on gudumba brewing centres in the district.

It seems that there is lack of coordinated efforts to crackdown the Gudumba brewing by the police and excise departments.

According to official data, there is steep hike in the ID (illicit distilled) liquor cases last year when compared 2014 in the district. As many as 629 ID cases booked against the 292 while 704 excise cases in 2015 against the 268 in 2014 in the district.

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