Saturday, February 27, 2016

Adivasis remember Haimondorf

Adivasis of Marlavai have once again demonstrated their love and respect for Anthropologist Christopher von Furer- Haimondorf and his wife Elizabeth (Betty) by repairing the dilapidated house at Marlavai village in Jainoor mandal. 

The couple had stayed there during Haimondorf’s research in the Adilabad district. The house is monument for the Adivasis now.  

Marlavai villagers observed latter’s 29th death anniversary as per the Adivasis traditions and customs on January 11.   

Women of the Marlavai have been busy for the last two- days, repairing the shed built with Bamboo, mud and wooden logs. The walls have been pasted with mud and cow dung to cover cracks.

This shows their respect to the house in which the Haimondorf couple stayed as one among the Adivasis and studied their culture and traditions visiting the interior villages in bullock carts during 1950’s.

Kanaka Venkatesh, honorary president of Haimondorf and Betti Elizabeth Youth Association, said the villagers of Marlavai in particular and Adivasis in general had unique love to Haimondorf couple for their contribution to the empowerment of the Adivasis in India.

He said Haimondorf couple had shown that they too had love towards Adivasis by naming their elder son after Lachupatel, then headman (Patel) of the Marlavai, was any indication to this.

The photographs taken along with the Haimondorf couple were the memorable for many villagers of the Marlavai and will put on display during their death anniversary event.

Essay writing competitions for the students of Ashram schools are being conducted on the life and contributions of the Haimondorf to the empowerment of the Adivasis. Sports and games also conducted for the young on the occasion.    

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