Friday, February 26, 2016

Encroachers to get 2BKH houses

Khanapur tank in Adilabad town 
Encroachers on the Khanapur tank will get two bedroom houses (2BKH) as an incentive to vacate the existing houses that they have constructed on the tank bed. Efforts are being made to develop Khanapur tank as a mini-tank bund in the Adilabad town.

The Khanapur tank is one of the popular old Talabs dug up during the Nizam period in the Adilabad district. 

Nearly 260 houses on the tank bed will be removed to revive and expand the tank and develop it as mini- tank bund and make it as tourist spot in the Adilabad town.
State government is developing one tank from each Assembly constituency as mini- tank bund under the mission Kakatiya. 

It will also make special arrangements at these mini- tank bunds to play Bathukamma in future.Sources said that divisional revenue officials had prepared the list of the houses by encroaching on the tank bed and were living there. 

The two bedroom houses would be built in survey NO.  68, which is government land behind the Kastala Ramakistu colony in the mavala grampanchayat on the outskirts of the Adilabad town.

People used to swim in the Khanapur tank and many fishermen families were depended on the tank but things have changed a lot after the sewerage water releasing into the tank and people started encroaching the tank and constructing houses in the last 20 years.    

A senior TRS leader of Adilabad town said, only after revenue officials had completed the construction of houses to be allotted they would start evacuating people and razing the structures on the tank bed which were causing them problems.

A majority of the houses on the tank bed were getting inundated during het rainy season, and it had become a common practice for those living in them to demand compensation for such damage.

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