Saturday, October 10, 2015

Enumeration work to hit state schools

After transfers, engaging government teachers as enumerators in field verification of 2011- Census data for National Population Register (NPR) is likely to hit the education in the government school in the Telangana.

The government teachers are being engaged as enumerators for the date collection from November 16 to December 15 in the state.
Principal Secretary for planning P. B Acharya asked the officials concerned to engage government teachers in enumeration to get accurate data.

Already many single teacher primary schools are closed due to transfers and nearly 250 out 1,211 selected Vidya volunteer have not joined work.

There was hardly much academic work done in the government school during June 20 to July 25 after scheduled was released for counseling for teachers’ transfers and promotions. The government schools reopened on June 12 of this year. And now Dasara holidays have been declared for 16 days.     

Half of the academic year has gone waste without any serious academic work. Even today Vidya volunteers have not joined in the government schools in interior areas in Kautala, Bejjur and Dahegoan mandals in the Adilabad district.

No qualified candidates applied for VVs from these mandals and hence selected candidates of other parts of the district have been posted in these mandals but many VV have not joined the duty due to long distance.

Actually, there are 2,900 primary schools and among them more than 1,000 are being run with single teachers in the district.
It is said that only 50 percent of the requirement of teachers filed up with Vidya Volunteers.

Teachers unions say that notification has issued for the recruitment of only 7,900 Vidya Volunteers where as the actual requirement was 15,000 in the schools in the state.

It is said that VVs have not shown interest in joining in interior areas as it was temporary with Rs 8,000 salary and most of them were already working in private schools in the towns.

A.   Venkat, district general secretary of  Telangana State United Teachers Federation (TSUTF) said  engaging the government teachers in surveys at the cost of the academic work was against the Right to Education Act and said such additional work will certainly dilute the government education system and  indirectly create demand for private and corporate education as parents will lose confidence in government schools.