Friday, October 16, 2015

I want to be Komaram Bheem in real life too, says Bhoopal

Komaram Bheem has once again revolted against the state and central government’s oppressive culture.

Popular writer and actor M. Bhoopal Reddy, popularly known as Bhoopal, who acted in the title role of Komaram Bheem film has announced that he is returning his Kendra Sahitya Akademi award in protest against the ‘communal politics’ of the government at Centre and sinking space for freedom of expression, humanity and democracy under this government. This was the first protest from the artist community in the state.

He also returned his Ugadi award given for his contribution in literature by the state government in protest against the killing of Shurti in an encounter in Warangal in which Shruti and another Naxalite Vidyasagar killed. 

Mr Bhoopal who lives in Hyderabad was recipient of Kendra Sahitya Akademy award-2011 for his children book ‘Uggupalu’, compilation of 90 children’s stories.
Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Bhoopal said ‘he wanted to be a Komuram Bheem in his real life not just in reel life and added that he was proved this with his gesture’.

He is upset with the killing of writer M. M Kalburgi of Karnataka who was also a Kendra Sahitya Akademy Award winner and nobody was arrested even after 46 days of his killing.

Bhoopal said Shruti who was killed in Warangal was his friend’s daughter. He was told that she was killed in fake encounter. He wondered what happened to the promise of an encounter- free Telangana by the rulers and observed that there was huge unrest among the students and youth who fought for the separate telangana state and hundreds of farmers committing suicide.

‘Much corruption is prevalent in all the government offices and works are kept pending if not paid bribes to the officials or employees which people of the telangana never expected in the separate Telangana state’, he observed.   

Bhoopal had played lead roles in other famous film ‘Mabhoomi’ directed by Goutam Ghosh and ‘Daasi’ by B. Narsing Rao. Both the films were made with the theme of fighting against then feudal land lords and depicting then feudal agrarian and social relations in the Telangana.

He had close association with the Adivasis of Adilabad district and influenced much with their culture and traditions which he studied and researched to live up to Komuram Bheem’s role in the film directed by Alllani Sridhar.

Komaram Bheem film bagged two Nandi awards and Sarojini Devi award for movie on National Integration before its official release. The film was produced with the financial assistance of ITDA, Utnoor in 1980’s   

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