Saturday, October 31, 2015

Antisocials using tourism hotel for their activities

Some antisocial elements are using the tourism restaurant Haritha at Jannaram for their activities in Adilabad district.   

Sources said, such people were coming from Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Adilabad and were staying at the restaurant as tourists and gambling in the rooms, indulging in settlement of land disputes and disputes in Chit Fund.

It is learnt that some local political leaders and officials are booking rooms for such people and making special arrangements for unscrupulous elements.       
Liquor parties are being celebrated openly at the restaurant and doubts are being raised about women who come along with men on whether they are their family members or not.

Instead of boosting the eco- tourism in Kawal Tiger Reserve, illegal activities are getting a boost. Recently police raided the restaurant and took a few persons into custody while they were playing cards.

News is making rounds locally that even some police officials from Karimnagar district are frequently coming to the restaurant and settling land disputes here. Tourism officials are more interested in increasing revenue but do not bother about the illegal activities.       

Last year, a police sub-inspector of Karimnagar district had opened fire in a hotel room in Nirmal town in which a hotel server injured. It was said that the SI came to Nirmal to settle a land dispute and subsequently he was suspended from the service.

The restaurant was being run by tourism department and there is no proper supervision. The forest department’s role has become nominal though they are promoting eco-tourism in the Kawal Tiger Reserve.

K. Ranganna of Jannaram town said to their surprise the manager of the restaurant say all the rooms were booked one week ago and there was no vacancy whenever they asked for rooms for their relatives who wanted to come to Jannram to visit  forest.

He said the some of the local businessmen and government employees are booking one or two rooms and play cards on Sunday as it is a holiday for shops in Jannaram.

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