Monday, October 5, 2015

Reduction of tenure dampens aspirants

Telangana government has dampened the enthusiasm of aspirants for the chairman’s posts of Agriculture Market Committee by its decision to reduce tenure period to one year from earlier three years and keeping the reservation period for two years.

Already some of the aspirants were disappointment with reservations for chairman’s post as they will not fall under particular category.       

The reservations of the Market committee chairman’s post have been announced by the state government. The number of market committee also reduced to 14 from earlier 18 while amending the composition of market committee under Market committee Act.

There are total 18 agriculture market yards in the district and among them seven chairman’s posts each reserved for OCs and BCs and three for STs and one for SCs in the district.

Party sources say that state government’s move was aimed to satisfy more number of party leaders aspiring nominated posts in the coming three years and every year a new leader will become chairman of the market committee. Change of the reservation of the post for every two years will give scope for other community leaders to become the chairman.

Aspirants of the post were not happy with the state government’s move. A senior leader observed that state government’s move was aimed to keep the hopes of the aspirants alive and to satisfy the more number of leaders aspiring nominated posts and said the state government may do the same with the tenure of other nominated posts too to be filed soon in the state.

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