Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Census-2011 data to be linked to Aadhaar

The Census-2011 data base is being linked to Aadhar card, bank account and ration cards of individuals under a new project for National Population Register (NPR). For this, field verification of Census-2011 data to be taken up from November 16 to December 15 in the Telangana.

It is said that Central government may issue nationality identity cards to the citizens and that is why the data is being linked with personnel data to eliminate fake data and develop a system to track the nationals and outsiders.

The Census data after linking to Aadhaar, ration card and bank account may be used for different purposes including implementation of welfare and development schemes and to identify the real beneficiaries and needy people and eliminate the ineligible persons from the schemes.            

This project is being taken up for National Population Register (NPR)which updates the data of the Census and do additions and deletions from the data based on the field survey and information to be collected during house hold survey.

According to officials involved in the project, names of the new villages those who newly settled in the villages and migrants will added to the Census data of 2011 and deleted the names of the persons who died and migrated from the villages to other places.

Principal secretary of planning B.P Acharya told the district officials during a video conference recently that the Census-2011 data base will be linked with the Aadhaar numbers of individuals and data base will be corrected with the field level verification during house to house survey.

As many as 5,023 government teachers will be appointed as enumerators for survey. Enumerators will conduct field level verification in 7026 enumeration blocks in the district during the survey to be taken up from November 16 to December 15.

Training will be given to the enumerators in the second week of November at district level. Special remuneration will be given to the enumerators and 100- 150 houses will be allotted to each enumerator for verification as part of house to house survey. 


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