Thursday, October 8, 2015

Barrages to be built across Pranahita and Godavari

Irrigation department has conducted LiDAR survey in river Pranahita basin to assess the area to be submerged in the Maharashtra under Pranahita –Chevella irrigation project if taken up at Thummidihatti and suitable places to construct barrages on the river Pranahita in Telangana.

The survey was conducted two days ago in river Pranahita basin in Kautala and Bejjur mandals in the Adilabad district. The survey was also aimed at to identify the suitable places to construct number of barrages on rivers Pranahita and Godavari as part of Pranahita- Chevella project. 

The LiDAR survey was conducted in the river Pranahita basin after conducting the same in river Godavari in Karimnagar district.

Irrigation officials and other LiDAR experts conducted survey to asses the extent of areas in the Maharashtra to be submerged under Pranahita- Chevella in the wake of state government’s decision to construct a project at 152 meters height on river Pranahita at Thummidihatti in Adilabad district and to another one is at Kaleshwaram or Yellampalli in Karimnagar district.

The state government has been claiming that the bordering Maharashtra government is not accepting to submergence of the more acres of lands in their territory with rising height of the project.

Major Irrigation DEE of Karimnagar T. Narasinga Rao who participated in survey said ‘they had conducted a  LiDAR  survey in the upstream of the project located in Maharashtra to asses extent of the land to be submerged under the project if go by the 152 meters height’.

He said they were identifying the suitable places to construct barrages on river Godavari and Pranahita as part of the Pranahita- Chevella project and added they had conducted LiDAR survey on river Godavari from Kaleshwaram of Karimagnar to Badhrachalm of Khammam. The Pranahita- Chevella is aimed at providing water for irrigation in Telangana.

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