Monday, October 5, 2015

Studies discontinued due to fee delay

There are several sad incidents where college students especially Adivasis have discontinued their studies as state government failed to release the fee reimbursement to the respective colleges in time.

College managements did not issue their certificates even after completing the course citing the unpaid dues. Colleges ask the students to first pay the fees which they will return when their fee are reimbursed by the state government. But most of the poor students those were not in a position to pay the fee and forced to discontinue their studies due to pressure by the college managements.    

Palla Navya of Amangal in Nalgonda who completed computer science course at IIIT Basar did not get her original certificates till now due to fee reimbursement dues for the year 2013-14. She has been waiting to get her certificates once her fee  is reimbursed by the state government.  

Mesram Nagorao of Nipani village in Tamsi mandal of Adilabad district completed LLB from Andhra University but authorities have not issued certificates as the fee due was Rs 39,000 as he did not get the fee reimbursement.

Nagorao with his problem recently approached the project officer R.V Karnan, project officer of ITDA, Utnoor. Karnan took the personal interest and issued Demand draft for Rs 39,000 towards his dues to ensure that he would continue his studies. Later, Nagorao got admission in LLM in Osmania University only after producing his LLB certificates.

A grateful Nagorao said ‘he could not have continued his higher studies without the help extended by the project officer of ITDA’.
Durva Gouri of who discontinued her Intermediate second year studying at private college in Utnoor said she discontinued her studies due to management pressure to pay the fee last year. 

The incidents of Adivasi students discontinuing their studies are high after taking admissions in private colleges in Hyderabad and other places as they could pay the fee in lieu of fee reimbursement.

Soyam Drupadabai, Kohinoor village in Sirpur (U) mandal and Kursinga Yamuna, Lothorre of Jannaram mandal discontinued their Nursing course (GNM) while studying in Hyderabad as their annual fee did not reimburse by the state government in time.

The latter could not pay the fee on their own and were forced them to discontinue their studies. The story of the Atram Vinayak Rao of Gunjala village in Narnoor mandal was also same who discontinued B. Tech.

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