Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Top cops use cells to lure Maoists

Top police officials of North Telangana are using their cell phone numbers as new strategy to lure the Maoists to surrender ensuring safety to their life in the process of their surrender before the police.

They are doing this to create confidence among the Maoist if anybody wants to surrender and to remove any apprehension they have about safety to their life.
Police officials are of the opinion that some Maoists those are looking for way out to join the mainstream will definitely contact them if they get assurance on safety to their life.

These districts SPs are floating their cell phone numbers in the media and appealing the Maoists to contact them directly on their phone if they are willing to surrender or join the mainstream while promising safety to their life and to produce them before the media immediately after their surrender without causing any harm to their life and harassment. 

Earlier, Maoists used to take the help of the local political leaders to surrender before the police and these political leaders used to ensure that there would be no threat to the life of the Maoist willing to surrender.

But Maoists party has threatened the political leaders for surrendering their cadre to the police and subsequently now political leaders are not taking risk involved in surrendering Maoists cadre.

SP Dr Tarun Joshi, while showing the arrest of the Maoist Chunchula Bakkanna,38, while producing him before the media at Bellampalli recently, gave his cell phone number to publish in the media prominently and asked the Maoists to contact him directly on his phone if anybody willing to surrender before the police while assuring safety to their life.

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