Friday, January 29, 2016

Jatara is decoration time for cattle too

 Sambanna Nimmalwar with his decorated bullocks at Jatara
Going to any Jatara (village fair) is not just a happy time for many farmers. They also take interest in decorating their cattle and traveling in the carts driven by these animals to the Jatara from their villages and relieving the animals from their routine.

This indicates the special attachment farmers developed with their cattle. Farmers purchase special charms to decorate their cattle too, while purchasing cloths and other accessories for their family members at the Jatara.     

The farmer offer the ‘Naivedyam’ prepared as part of bonam to their cattle. This is very much evident at the ongoing inter- state Penganga Jatara on the border of Adilabad. The farmers spend a good amount on color full items to decorate their bullocks.

Telugu speaking tenant farmer, Sambanna Nimmalwar of Bori of Maharashtra, said , I decorated my bullocks with ‘Joollu’ covering body, ‘Kushatalu’ to decorate horns, ‘Morikelu’ to decorate face, ‘Gajjelu’ to legs, ‘Ganta’ and ‘Pattilu’ (belt) and colorful woolen ‘Gungurlu’ in the cattle neck and added that generally farmers brought these items at Jatara’.

The farmers even hang a small mirror on the middle of the cattle’s face for special attraction and to draw the attention of the people.

‘Their cattle are special guests for them at Jatara, said Sambanna adding that cattle work hard during the Agriculture season along with their family members and Jatara is celebration time for both’.

Most of the Telugu speaking people settled in the bordering areas of Maharashtra sell their cotton at Adilabad and also prefer matches for their children from Adilabad due to its proximity. Even Adivasis residing in bordering areas of both Maharashtra and Telangana attend the jatara.

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