Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Farmers pin hopes on good turmeric price

Turmeric farmers pinned lot of hopes on high price this time though the yield is normal. Farmers say they will get profits only if they get Rs 12,000 per quintal. Farmers are busy in digging turmeric in the Nirmal division and will boil later.

Farmer Dharawath Motiram of Kalva thanda said ‘Last time they sold turmeric for Rs 8,000 per quintal but we have invested lot of money in cultivation of turmeric this time and the cost of production has increased abnormally and they meet their expenditure and get marginal profits only when there will be Rs 12,000 price for turmeric’.

He said they have spent Rs 30,000 on dumping block soil brought from tanks and Rs 20,000 for organic fertilizers such cow dung to improve the fertility of the soil in addition to the expenditure towards chemical fertilizers, labour charges.
It is expected that an on an average farmers will get 15 quintals turmeric per acre this seasons where irrigation water facilities is available.

Cultivation of turmeric requires lot of labor and subsequently in digging turmeric and boiling the same before selling in the market.    

Most of the farmers in Nirmal division started turmeric cultivation since the price went up to Rs 17,000 four years ago as they were under impression that they will get more profits if they cultivate turmeric but there was drastic fall in the turmeric prices in het open market in the subsequent years.

Turmeric cultivated in 7,253 hectares in last Kharif in the district and among them nearly 6,000 hectares in Nirmal division alone where it was a major commercial crop. The cultivation of the turmeric is low in Adilabad and Mancherial divisions while high in Mamada, Laxmanchanda, Nirmal, Dilawarpur and Sarangapur mandals in the Nirmal division. 

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