Monday, January 25, 2016

Giri Ustav a riot of fun, colour and laughter

Participating in the three-day Giri Ustav is happiest movement for many Adivasi students who ate pav bhaji, ice cream and pani puri, fruits salad free of cost at Giri Ustav conducted at Komaram Bheem complex in Utnoor by the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA).

Festive mood was in the air at Utnoor where district level tribal school sports are also being conducted. Giri Ustav was organized to give new experience to the children and students of the area.        

Giri Ustav, first of its kind event has attracted many tribal students and general children from Tribal Ashram Schools in the district. Money coupons worth Rs 50 was issued to each student of Tribal Ashram Schools to purchase food items at the stalls put up at the Giri Ustav.

The Tribal students also exposed to many new adventure sports and played them free of cost with the coupons issued by the ITDA.

Atram Nithin, of Ghanpur in Danthanpalli studying VI class, said he tasted the pav baji for the first time in his life at a cost of Rs 12.

‘He also enjoyed some adventure sports with the free coupons, said Nithin.  Coupons worth of Rs 50 was issued to each student.

Other than Ashram school children also can buy food items and also play the adventure sports with their own money.       

Adventure spots such as Water walk, Trampoline, Burma Bridge (rope bridge), Rock climbing and sumo fighting balls which were put up at the Giri Ustav were all new experiences to the tribals of the district.

Project officer, ITDA of Utnoor R.V Karnan said ‘the adventure sports will certainly boost the confidence of the students and ‘Giri Ustav’ was intended to create different experience to the Tribal students’.