Friday, January 8, 2016

'Mobile Qawali' draws attention

The famous Qawali song ‘Bardo Jholi Meri Ya Mohammed… Loutkar Myna Jaoonga Khali’ is reverberating from road side and it attracted nearly two hundred people near Satnala bus stand in Adilabad town. Yes, a small mobile Qawali troop is sung the song. 
The above song used in the Bajrangi Bhaijan movie in which actor Salman Khan played a lead role.

The ‘Mobile Qawali’ came to Adilabad and is enthralling the music and Qawali lovers in Adilabad town.

Sheik Akbar of Nagpur of Maharashtra is performing his ‘mobile Qawali’ shows at various places and enthralling the people with the old Qawalis. Sheik Akbar said they eking livelihood with ‘mobile Qawali’ and people are offering alms enough for their bread and butter and life is going on with their song ‘Bardo Jholi Meri Ya Mohammed…Loutkar Myna Jaoonga Khali’.       

There was no dais and modern mike system and costly musical instruments in the mobile Qawali and just sit on the tarpaulin placed on ground at road side, with old mike system.       

Sheik Akbar moves with his family members and musical instruments from one place to another place and perform Qawali at centre places in the towns. The musicians take alms from the audience completing their show.

Majority of songs are with the theme of ‘Ajmeer Khaza’ and ‘Chaman Wale Baba’, Tajuddin Baba’. One Qawali song goes like this ‘Khazake .. Ishq Me Badleme Kyamila..’.

The two girls who play the Dolak drew the attention of the viewers with the speed they play the Dolak in tune with the Casio instrument. The Qawal Sheik Akbar sung Qawali song in high pitched voice which resembles in the surroundings.           

In the intervals, a musician playing famous cinema songs on his Casio, ‘Derna Hojaye Kahi Derna Hojaye … Ajare… Dil Mera Gabraye …’ and ‘Khuda Gava Khuda Gava…’.   

Nearly 200 people gathered near Satnala busstand in the Adilabad town and patiently listening road side ‘Qawali’ with love and affection.

Such road side mobile Qawali is new to the Adilabad though traditional Qawali prgorammes were not new to the people of the Adilabad town.

There is tradition of conducting Qawali programme at Darghas during Urse in the Adilabad where Hindu and Muslims offer ‘Mokkulu’. 

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