Sunday, January 17, 2016

Failed borewells add to TS farmers' woes

 Deceased farmer's son Mangilal at failed borewell
Farmers digging borewells indiscriminately on their agriculture fields for water source but incurred huge loss as most of the borewells have failed to give water due to drastic fall in the ground water table due to successive drought conditions.

Story of the Rathod Yashwanthrao,50, of Kalva Thanda of Dilawarpur mandal is a classic example to how failed borewells turning into one of the reasons for farmer  suicides in Telangana.

He dug up four borewells on his agriculture fields in the last one month but did not get water. Rathod Yashwanthrao committed suicide by hanging himself to a tree close to his agriculture fields January9. 

More expenditure is being incur for digging borewells as most of the famers are going up to 400 feet deep to get water to find water due to drastic fall in the ground water table and an average farmers is spending more than Rs 25,000 each for digging borewell. This is result of lack of rain water conservation to increase ground water table.

Rathod Mangilal, son of deceased farmer Yashwanthrao who discontinued his Degree said, his father invested major share of loans he had taken from various sources invested on digging borewells with a hope that they may bring fortune but the failed borewells had ended up their family in now where.         

Telangana Vidyavanthula Vedika district president Dr U. Krishnam Raju said, ‘digging borewells was nothing but gambling and added that people investment money in both only with the hope but there was lot of uncertainty involved in it and observed that it is high time for the government to take steps for rain water conservation to improve the ground water table which will go a long way’.

Farmers are investing huge money on digging borewells on their agriculture lands and some of them become crazy of digging bore wells in the villages on seeing one another but the success rate is low when compared to Agriculture wells.

Rathod Yashwanthrao went to Dubai in search of job four years ago after he uncured huge loss in the agriculture in his four acre land and mainly he invested huge money on digging borewells. He returned one year ago just to start again agriculture.

Yashwanthrao was popular in his village as ‘crazy person of digging borewells’ with a hope that he too gets water for his fields like his neighbors but he could not succeed in his efforts.  

Villagers say Yashwanthrao dug up more than 20 borewells in his agriculture fields in the last 15 years. He had taken loan Rs 98,000 from local bank and Rs 5 lakh loan from private money lender.