Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Adivasis' personal invitation for Nagoba Jatara

Adivasis even today practice traditional customs by extending personal invitation to their clan in the villages in Indravelli and Ichoda mandals for Nagoba Jatara will begin on February 7.

They also gave order to pot maker family for traditional pots to be used in puja to serpentine god Nagoba. 

Mesram clan Adivasis started their journey in a ‘Chekda’ (look like bullock cart) from the temple after performing pujas to het Nagoba by dropping tobacco as mark of tradition on January 12 and returned to temple after covering nearly 100 km on January 19.

As part of their personal invitation, priest of Mesram clan of Adivasis Mesram Hanumanthrao and Pardhanji Mesram Ganapathi visited Sirikonda village in Ichoda and gave order to their ancestral pot maker family for traditional pots and later visited Sunkidi and Dhaba villages.

They also visited Sathmori, Rajampet, Soyamguda, Ginnera and Vadagoan villages in Indravelli and reached Nagoba temple.

On January 20, nearly 100 Adivasis of Mesram clan started their second journey on foot to bring Gangajal from river Godavari near Hastinamadugu in Jannaram mandal to be used in cleaning the idol of the Nagoba. They will return and stay under Baniyan trees near Nagoba temple in Keslapur village in Indravelli mandal on February 3. 

Nagoba temple committee chairman Mesram Thukaram said they have been following the custom of traditional invitation to the people of their clan for Nagoba jatara from time immemorial and added that many traditions and customs were attached to Nagoba temple and Mesram clan of Adivasis. 

The Mesram clan Adivasis will enter the Nagoba temple only February7 evening and perform special puja to serpentine god Nagoba on that night.