Sunday, November 29, 2015

NPR data to be used for Citizen cards

The data being collected as part of the ongoing field survey for National Population Register (NPR) reportedly will be used to issue Citizenship Cards to the citizens of the country in near future.

Data will also be used to issue passport and visa to the Indian citizens in the coming days. The Local Register of Usual Residents (LRUR) is preparing it under National Population Register (NPR). 

It is for the first time Aadhaar numbers are being collected from the citizens as part of the survey which was not done in 2010 survey. The Aadhaar numbers will be seeded with updated National population data base. 

According to official information, integrated data with 14 details of personal information, electronic data base of biometrics such as photographs, ten impressions of fingers and iris of two eyes of individuals will be preserved in the National Population Register for future.

It is stated in the instructions booklet given to the teachers appointed as enumerators that the Citizens Act-1955 and Citizens Rules-2003 are the legal base for the National Population Register.

Teachers as enumerators collecting the details about the residence, native place, state and country of the individuals and Aadhaar number as part of survey being conducted for National Population Register (NPR).

Teachers are furnishing the details of the individuals about their residence, living in the country or outside the country. 

A.  Venkat, a government teacher working as enumerator in NPR survey, said they were instructed to collect the accurate data of individuals and also Aadhaar numbers and new family members as the data will be used to issue citizens cards to the citizens of the country in near future and added that data is also be used in issuing passport and visa to the citizens.

He said data of the NPR is going to be more useful and will be used for many purposes by the state and Central governments. The respondent has to furnish the details of his or her native village, town, district and state and country if they belonged to India. 

Also the same details has to be  furnished if anybody residing in another country under 10th column in the NPR database booklet. With these details, it would be easily identified whether the citizen is an Indian or an NRI and illegally staying in India.

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