Friday, November 20, 2015

Cold weather, fog enhance Adilabad's scenic beauty

Scenic beauty at Nirmal ghats in the Adilabad district.
Low temperatures being recorded during the winter has brought additional beauty to the Adilabad district. Often, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has described Adilabad district as Kashmir of the Telangana state.

Chilling temperatures being recorded this season in Adilabad are attracting nature lovers and tourists to the Jannaram, Utnoor, Kerameri areas and also Nirmal ghat, Kupti ghats in the Adilabad district.

These places are tourist destinations located in the forests with the low temperatures for the last few years and forest hills covered with fog is attracting visitors from all over.

The temperatures dipped to 11.4 C in Adilabad and it may further dip in the coming days. Lowest temperature is 3 C recorded during the winter season last year in the district and it was the lowest temperature recorded in the Telangana state.

Nature lovers loved feeling of the fog and chilly breeze on their skin which they experienced in the morning hours. The Sahyadri hill attracts nature lovers from Nirmal ghats, Kupti ghats and Kerameri ghats in the district.

Lowest temperatures in the state are being recorded in the forests areas of Kerameri mandal every year. The lush green volleys in the Sahyadri hills ranges during this winter  is a scenic beauty for nature lovers.

Gradually, the amenities like good accommodation are on the increase at Jannaram, Kadam, Nirmal and Adilabad as the good roads invite people to visit the places.

A French travel blogger Stephanie Langlet who recently visited the Adilabad district to cover the Gussadi festival said, ‘she was impressed greatly by the spectacular beauty of the Adilabad district. She said, the conducive weather makes it ideal to explore the district.