Monday, November 16, 2015

Restoration works of tanks incomplete

Restoration works of only 10 percent tanks that comes to 67 out of total 607 have been fully completed taken up under first phase of Mission Kakatiya in the district. Restoration works of most of the tanks came to halt due to rains and contractors had not completed de-siltation works, strengthening of bund, slues works waiting for tanks receive rain water.

Contractors had submitted bills for the work which they have not done due to rains taking the advantage of the rain water in the tanks.

Government officials are not in a position to measure the works in the tanks filed with water and it was possible only after the water recedes in the next summer. At the most, officials can measures the bund works and slues works now.

The state government is taking up in completed works of earlier tanks in addition to the 600 new tanks in the second phase of mission kakatiya in the district. There are total 3,821 tanks and ponds have been identified in the districts.

Collector M. Jagan Mohan said only 10 percent of tanks out of total 607 for which got administration sanction under first phase of Mission Kakatiya have been fully completed and restoration works of majority tanks have been affected to rains in Asifabad and Adilabad divisions in the month of June,2015.

He said the incomplete tank work will be completed along with the 600 new tanks identified under second phase of Kakatiya whose works will begin from January, 2015.

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