Monday, November 16, 2015

Houses for trained dogs

Telangana state government is constructing good houses for trained dogs used by the police department at Adilabad district police head quarters and armed reserved police head quarters at Bellampalli in the district.

State government is making efforts to keep the trained dogs of police comfortable providing good facilities. Rs 30 lakh each for two dogs’ houses have been sanctioned and are under construction in the district.

Most of the people do not know that dogs used by the police gets all comforts on par with the general public at their homes.

Police trainer who looks after welfare of the dogs said they will put coolers for the dogs during summer to keep the temperatures under control and during the winter the whole house will be closed to keep the room warm.

Beds will be provided for dogs and ensure that dogs sleep on beds instead on the floor as floor would be cool during the winter. There is special prescribed diet for trained dogs.  

Dog’s trainer at Adilabad headquarters said ‘they have to follow the daily instruction he receives from exerts from Hyderabad to maintain the trained dogs in terms of diet (food), exercise and demonstration of their skills in sniffing the explosives and identifying scene of offence and persons involved in the crime’.

According to official sources, there are five trained dogs at the Adilabad police headquarters while four at Armed Reserved police headquarters at Bellampalli in the Adilabad district. 

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