Friday, November 13, 2015

Security at Kuntala falls beefed up

Tourists and visitors can no longer get close to the famous Kuntala waterfalls in Neredigonda in Adilabad district as security has been tightened to prevent deaths.  

Eleven security guards have been deployed and given walkie-talkies to control the movements of the enthusiastic tourists and visitors and alert them from going to risky spots at the waterfalls where several tourists have drowned in the past.

Number of visitors increased at Kuntala waterfall. Visitors are not allowed with liquor but are coming to Kuntala after consuming liquor in the nearest town Neredigonda.

Local youth have been employed as guards and guides and fencing has been erected around the waterfall to restrict the movements of the tourists.

However, tourists are not happy with the new restrictions as most of them want to take photographs in the waters and splash around. That has been banned.

A loud speaker system has been put in place sound the alerts if someone is in danger. The staff is unhappy with the paltry salary of Rs 2,000 as some of them are graduates.  

B. Ravinder, guard on duty at Kuntala waterfalls, said they were strictly following the visitors timings of 10 am to 4 pm which was sometimes is violates by the people coming in from faraway places.