Monday, November 16, 2015

Adivasi Gussadi troops act as a traditional matrimony festival

Adivasi youth dressed like 'Poral' and 'Kodal' in Gussadi dance  
Dandari / Gussadi festival which is popular for Gussadi dance is going on with Adivasi traditions and customs in connection with Diwali and the Adivasis are celebrating the event with Gussadi and Dhimsa dances for the last few days in the Adilabad district of Telangana.

The dandari/ Gussadi festival will come to an end with the Kolabodi puja two days after Diwali.

Gussadis also act as a traditional matrimony to fix the matches for prospective brides and grooms in their gudems. Villagers will inquire with the Gussadis about the prevailing conditions in their village and also details about prospective brides and grooms in their village.

During the Gussadi / Dandari dance event, some Adivasi girls get attracted to some Adivasi youth with their impressive Gussadi dance and some other times girls and boys who attend the event also fall in love or become friends and that leads to their marriage. 

That is how the Adivasi parents fix matches for their children who were prospective brides and grooms for marriage.

Adilabad MP Godam Nagesh said Gussadi / Dandari troops’ visit to other villages will also act as a traditional matrimony for the prospective Adivasi brides and grooms and observed that sometimes dance connects young people also.
One can see Gussadi troops, wearing head gear made of peacock feathers, going from one village to another as part of their tradition being practice from time immemorial to keep the relations intact with their fellow Adivasis lives in other Gudems.

Gussadi dance has become a symbol to Adivasi culture and their connection with the nature including forests and animals. In Gussadi dance, actions of the peacock, tiger and other animals will be performed.

It is tradition among the Adivasis that Gussadis troop will visit a particular Adivasi gudem during Gussadi / dandari festival and that villagers will reciprocate next year and this will go on to strengthen their relations.