Saturday, March 24, 2018

Police adopting latest tech to battle crime

The new facial recognition technology is likely to turn into  a nightmare for criminals and prior offenders when it comes absconding from the Karimnagar commissionerate.

Police are now likely to use facial recognition technology through CCTV cameras. They can then use these to link to photographs of prior offenders.
The  CCTV camera sends alerts to the command control when any of the faces of uploaded on the software have been recognised. This new technology is likely to help police in reducing crime.

Karimnagar Police Commmissioner  V.B Kamalasan Reddy told this newspaper, “CCTV cameras have been set up at various locations and they will capture and send messages to the date base”. He said each CCTV camera  would be the equivalent of 30 police when it comes to controlling crime.

So far, the Karimnagar police commisisonerate has installed 2,500 of the target of 50,000 cameras. The police department has already created a database of offenders and criminals, along with their photographs and thumb and palm impressions.          

“Now image of a single person is being captured in six CC Tv cameras and stored in the data base with the help of the CC Tv cameras set up under the Karimnagar police commissionerate, said Kamalasan Reddy and added that efforts were being to capture the image of a single person in 50 CCTv cameras set up at various places”

The Automatic Finger Printing Identification (AFIS) technology is being used to trace individuals with criminal backgrounds. These devices will work with Russian technology, and the fingerprint experts came from all  the districts had a 10-day training conducted by the experts from the Russia.

The training was at Central Crime Station ( CCS), CID office, Hyderabad and in turn the latter will train the local police in all the districts.

Fingerprint mobile devices and live scanners have been supplied to the district police and these are being used during patrolling , especially at night.