Friday, March 30, 2018

Trenches pose threat to school children

Trenches being dug to lay pipelines for Mission Bhagiratha is posing a danger, especially to school- going children and the elderly in the old Adilabad district.

Staff of the private schools are worried about the safety of their students and take care to remain with the kids till their parents receive them, but this not the case with staff of the government schools.   

The laying pipelines is leading to the huge potholes and trenches that are  resulting in accidents where drivers lose balance and fall.  Residents say that they remain clueless about the trenches that are dug overnight with the help of earthmoving machines, and say that this is quite dangerous.

One can see the roads dotted with potholes, trenches and heaps of excavated  gravel on the roads blocking the free flow of traffic and posing life threat to the elders and children.

According to people involved in the pipe laying works, the trenches will be  filled up only after completion  of the  work in that particular stretch.

Students and kids carrying their schools bags were doing acrobats for crossing the trenches to reach safer places. On seeing the indiscriminate digging of roads, the worried parents going to schools to take back their kids safely.     

A parent of school going child K. Ravinder of Vidyanagar colony in Adilabad town said really he was worried over the danger the trenches are posing to the lives of the school going children.