Friday, March 23, 2018

Adivasis reclaim their lands

Adivasis in old Adilabad district have started taking back their lands that were encroached or landed in the possession of Lambadas by ritualistically breaking a coconut on the property. 

There  have been allegations that  the Lambas had taken these  first on the lease but did not return them after expiry of the lease period.
In many places, Lambadas are cultivating the Adivasis lands, though the latter have pattas. 

Revenue officials of Sirikonda mandal told the higher ups that the lands were not in the possession of Lambadas without conducting field inquiry.

Following this, the Adivasis submitted memorandums to the top revenue officers that they would start cultivation in such lands since Lambadas don’t have them in their possession.

As many as 19 Adivasis farmers of Sirikonda mandal submitted a memorandum to the collector requesting her to restore their lands. 

These 19 farmers were from Vagai Thanda, Mutyampet, Lendiguda, Kannaur in Pochampalli gram panchayat  in Sirikonda mandal and 90 acres of land in the possession Lambadas belongs to these 19 Adivasi farmers.

Sidam Maruthi of Pochampalli in Sirikonda mandal said they were going to take back their lands, since they have pattas. With the report submitted by the revenue officials, it was clear that the land owners are Adivasis and not Lambadas. 

Taking the advantage of the  revenue report, Adivasi farmers are going to cultivate their lands.

A Kolam Adivasi Nandu of Pothapalli of Khandala attempted to take back his land 3 acre land which was in the passsession of the Lambada now in Khandala in Adilabad mandal. The Kolam farmer break the coconut in his land as part of ritual of taking back the land.