Sunday, March 18, 2018

Taking 3% commissions a norm, says Sicilla civic chief

 Samala Pavani
Sircilla municipal chairperson Samala Pavani’s video that even ‘their minister’  told them that there was nothing wrong in taking commission up to 3 percent from the contractors went viral on March 17.  

Late in the night she sent in her resignation to commissioner. In the resignation letter, Ms Pavani said she was resigning on personal grounds and thanked minister   K.T Ramarao for his support. She also thanked the councilors for their support. 
Pavani said councilors were not happy though works worth hundreds of crores were on in the Sircilla municipality colonies and contractors were not giving them commissions.

She said, in a lighter vein, at a press conference that it was common to take 1 to 3 percent commission from the contractors as the “media persons knew pretty well”. She was referring drainage and other development works in the colonies in the Sircilla municipality.

However, she did not mention the name of the Minister but just said “our”. She alleged that some of the contractors said councilors were asking them to pay commissions for the works they had done in the colonies in the Sircilla Municipality. 

Giving the commission to the councilors was the “responsibility” of the contractors and they must follow it to compensate the expenditure incurred during the elections, she felt.

Accepting commission was not just happening in the Sircilla Municipality alone, she said and every one of them in the Telangana state was doing so and there was “nothing was new in it”.

Pavani said, her commissions were taken care of by her husband and she was concentrating only on development works and administration and added that she could not say who the contractors should pay to and the percentage.

She admitted that she was one among the many who took commissions from contractors.