Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mushaira sums up mood

The Halaath –E- Hazira (prevailing conditions in the country) including ‘growing intolerance’, escalated prices of essential commodities, changing trends among the youth, corruption, life of common man reflected in the poetry recited by the renowned poets of the country.

The poets touched upon all the prevailing social, economical and political happenings in the country.  

One of the poets said ‘Nobody can vacate their home’ claiming that India is their home land’ as a message to the people of this country from the Mushaira. 

Political mood prevailing in the country reflected at the 12th   All India Mushaira held at Adilabad on Monday night. 
Poets from across country, many of whom have performed in overseas events participated in the Mushaira that ended just before the dawn.

Renowned poets recited couplets reflecting current issues and social evils haunting the society.

Majority of the poems recited by the poets reflected the political mood prevailing in the country as they responded in their own way to the ‘growing intolerance’ in the country and commented on the prevailing political situation.

Noori Azeezi in her poem expressed concern over escalated prices of essential commodities and explained how they hit the common man and questioned how poor can afford dal being sold at Rs 200 per kg and also increased prices of train tickets.
Senior poets compared the old and new traditions they experienced in their life. 

Minister for forest and environment Jogu Ramanna was on the dais when a poet was reciting a poem on the growing corruption among the political leaders and how much greedy political leaders are for Kursi (power) leaving common to their fate.       

Nayeem Akthar Khadri, Burhanpur of Uttar Pradesh, Noori Azeezi of Jalna and Jameel Saher of Malegaon of Maharashtra, Gazi Salauddin, Jameel Nizambadi, Ashwaq Asfi and Eqbal Ahmed of Nizamabad, Riyaz  Tanha, Tasleem Johar and Sulthan Shutari of Hyderabad participated in Mushaira.

The Mushaira enthralled the poetry lovers. Fayaz Shama is the convernor of JAWA (Jeevandhan Association for Welfare activities) which organized the event.

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