Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Drought hits purchasing power

Prolonged drought has not just affected the agriculture but also the livelihood of many people depends on farming community. It has lowered the purchasing power of the people in general and farmers in particular.

Purchasing power in the villages has been lost in the last two years and people are not buying even cheap goods these days. It is also observed that there was no circulation of money in the market due to prolonged drought conditions.

Wooden furniture seller who sell them at comparatively cheap prices say that farmers are not buying their furniture this year unlike in the past due to lack of money due to crop damages because of prolonged drought conditions, low yield,  and no profits for cotton this season.

Baburao Oruganti of Karimnagar is in the business of making furniture of Ghairikatte’ (Thumma) to sell in the villages for the last 20 years. Baburao went to Tirupati two months ago and tonsured his head offering hairs to Lord Venkanna seeking blessings to sell all his furniture this year but in vain.

Distressed Baburao said ‘not even half of their furniture sold during one month period this year but they used to sell total furniture just in one week in the past in the village in Adilabad district’. 

Baburao said farmers’ financial condition has become worst from bad this agriculture season and added that they used to sell their furniture like hotcakes during their village visits after harvesting period in the past but things have changed a lot this year.
‘The financial condition of the people was somewhat good in other districts when compared to Adilabad district as there are some industries and other businesses’, he said.

The affect of the prolonged drought on the people’s purchasing power is experienced in villages in Bela, Gudihatnoor, Indravelli, Utnoor, Ichoda, Neredigonda, Janioor and Boath, Tamsi and Talamadugu in west part of Adilabad district and condition are also same in villages in east part of the district.