Friday, December 25, 2015

Nagoba Jatara in natures' lap

Adivasis with sacred water proceeding to Nagoba temple 
Adivasis, who are the nature lovers, elated over their famous Nagoba Jatara being conducted as a plastic carrier bags- free jatara for the first time. It is scheduled for February 7 to 15 in Adilabad district.

A decision has been taken to this effect by R. V. Karnan, project officer of ITDA, Utnoor by imposing ban on using plastic in and around the temple premises during Jatara.

Adivasis of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh will attend Nagoba Jatara at Keslapur village in Indravelli  mandal in Adilabad district.

The non-tribal devotees visiting the Nagoba temple during Jatara has increased in the last 15 years due publicity in media.

Adivasis use big sized teak leaves for plates during their community feasts to avoid polluting the environment. This practice is an indication of their love and responsibility to protect nature and mother earth.

Plastic will take thousands of years to biodegrade and causes environment pollution and health problems.   

The decision was taken to control the environment pollution with using plastic bags, covers and other items extensively during the jatara. Adivasis are nature lovers and give much respect to the mother nature and will cause no damage to the nature  in their day to life and their life style was in tune with the nature.

Project officer R. V Karnan said they had taken a decision imposing ban on using any kind of plastic in and around the Nogoba temple during Jatara to avoid polluting the environment and also in view of the health of the people who visit the temple during Jatra.

Government teacher Kanaka Venkatesh of Marlavai village in Jainoor mandal welcomed the ITDA’s decision imposing ban on using plastic during Jatra and  observed that the decision was in tune with the Adivasis life style.    

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