Sunday, December 13, 2015

Adivasi girl conquer Mt Renock in Himalayas

Sidam Anjali
Sidam Anjali of Tribal Welfare Residential School for Girls and K. Manisha of KGBV of Ichoda mandal of this district scaled one of the toughest peaks of Himalayan range- Mt Renock.

They arrived at Ichoda town in Adilabad district to a rousing welcome on Sunday.  The students achieved the feat on December7.

Sidam Anjali hails from Kolam tribe which is one of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) and she is the only Adivasi girl who scaled a mountain in Himalayas.

These girls were among the team of 31 students of Telangana Tribal Welfare and Social Welfare Residential Educational institutions Society who scaled the Mt Renock. 

Both Sidam Anjali and K. Manisha are class IX students hailing froma poor family.
Sidam Anjali is native of Gouriguda village in Jainoor mandal while Manisha is from Navegaon village in Ichoda mandal.

Anjali’s parents Sunitha and Sidam Dev participated in the victory rally took out in the Ichoda town on the arrival of the two students.  Manisha’s mother Ramdabai participated in the victory celebrations held at KGBV School organized by the schools staff.

Speaking to this newspaper, Sidam Anjali said she was scared to join the team to scale a mountain in Himalayas but she achieved the target with the support of TSWREIS secretary R. S Praveen Kumar and added that her ambition is to achieve   the distinction of being the youngest person to conquer the highest peak in Himalayan Range. 

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