Monday, April 2, 2018

Communalism spreads at the cost of harmony

 police bandobast in communal sensitive Nirmal town 

New towns in the old Adilabad district turning to be communally sensitive areas is becoming cause of concern for not just police authorities but also locals.

Though the district had several such sensitive towns, those like Kagaznagar, Utnoor, Gudihathnoor,  Neredigonda, Ichoda and Khanapur are  now added to the list.

Police said that there have been protests or support rallies in these towns to some communal incident in the district or any other part of the country.

Advertisements are being put up, appealing to people to take part in religious events, and youth from outside the area are there to garner support.

It is fact that the small number of youth cannot do any such event on their own in their respective villages.          

Police pointed to a clash between two communities in Utnoor to which there was a reaction in Adilabad where the situation had turned tense.

Neredigonda had become communal sensitive and youth of different communities are active posting comments on social networking sites against each other.

Neredigonda  SI S. Venkanna said a case had been registered against one Althamash Choush for posting Facebook comments appealing to take the incident seriously that took place on March 25 in Nirmal and a case was also registered against Syed Mazar who supported his comments on March26.  

The police department have been holding peace committee meetings with the representatives of both the communities before  the important religious festivals and made appeals for peace and harmony.

Leaders of a particular community lodged a complaint against a person who posted a video speaking against a community and shared it on social media and subsequently communal clashes took place in the Utnoor in May, 2017.

Two days after that, there was an incident of communal nature in Adilabad town where it was found that CCTV cameras in the vicinity were not functioning. However, made an arrest.        

Referring to the communal clash in Nirmal, Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy said people in the area had been living in communal harmony for long, but some political parties were encouraging communal clashes for votes in the coming elections.

He said  police did not given permission for Hanuman Rally and also Urs procession following the communal clash.