Thursday, April 5, 2018

Apples beat the heat, thrive in Kerameri

Apples in a field in Dhanora in Kerameri
The sight of apples hanging from some trees in Dhanora of Kerameri mandal in Kumarambheem Asiffabda district in the summer will surely surprise one and all, since the fruit is known to grow only in the cold weather conditions.

Kerameri is gradually being seen as among the more suitable place in the state for apple plantations. 

The blossoming apples leave people passing by the agriculture field of a progressive farmers Balaji Kendre stunned.

Presently, the apples are still raw and green, they will change colour in the coming days as they ripen.    

Mr Kendra of Dhanora said that the ‘Hariman’ variety of  apple plants that he raised in his field have adapted to the hot weather conditions and are now bearing fruit even in the summer. He said that nearly 100 apple trees are in cropping stage; each has 150-200 apples.

Mr Kendre said that the fruits will turn reddish in colour in about a month; ready to be plucked.

He said that presently, temperatures in the areas is around 35-37 Degree Celsius but the apple trees are as productive. He said that it was only two years ago that he had planted the trees and he planned to start commercial operations by next year.

It is learnt that Kendre removed some flowers to reduce the weight on the  trees so that they don’t snap  or break into two.